How to Earn Top Dollar for Your Chelsea Real Estate

How to Earn Top Dollar for Your Chelsea Real Estate

  • Caryl Berenato
  • 09/11/22

Whether you’re relocating for work, buying a larger home, or ready to list an investment property, there are many reasons to sell your Chelsea luxury condo. Selling a house in New York can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Several tasks and tips will make this life-altering pursuit significantly easier regardless of your reason for selling.
The first thing to realize is the importance of approaching your home sale with professionalism and your end goal in mind. Selling a home where you made lasting memories can be an emotional endeavor. It’s imperative to treat the property like a product that needs to get seen by as many people as possible for you to walk away with a grip of money in your pocket. Keep reading to see how to earn top-dollar for your Chelsea real estate.

Find a real estate agent

While selling your Chelsea luxury apartment is possible on your own, working with an experienced real estate agent will be your best bet for an optimal transaction. You’ll want to research and ensure your agent has plenty of experience, client testimonials, and a proven track record.
If you want to sell your NYC home for the highest possible value, contact veteran NYC broker Caryl Berenato. The Caryl Berenato Team boasts over 36 years of experience selling homes in NY, making her the perfect agent to pair up with when selling Chelsea real estate. While her experience speaks for itself, Caryl offers much more than top-tier service. Caryl believes everyone should love where they live and uses her unparalleled knowledge base and resources to find clients the home of their dreams or help them sell for top dollar. Her team is waiting to work with you and meet your needs with integrity, care, and attention to detail.

Chelsea real estate market trends

Learning the ropes of your local real estate market will help you make informed decisions throughout the selling process. Current Chelsea real estate market trends show that the supply of homes available is greater than the demand for homes. Given that Chelsea is a buyer’s market, you will want to update, renovate, and spruce up your home to the best of your ability to attract prospective buyers.
Navigating a buyer’s market when selling is challenging. Staying open and flexible is crucial when selling in a buyer's market. Be willing to compromise on the price or consider other concessions you could negotiate with your buyer, including waiving contingencies or offering a convenient closing date. Fortunately, Caryl Berenato and her esteemed team will know exactly how to navigate the market, prepare your home for sale, and market your property to get it seen and sold in a flash.

Interior home upgrades

A particular type of buyer seeks NYC condos or townhouses, with their main desire being a maintenance-free home. Updating your home to include top-of-the-line amenities, maintenance-free appliances, and innovative technology will help get your Chelsea real estate sold quickly. People want move-in-ready homes, so be sure to replace old appliances and install new flooring if needed. Consider adding some smart home devices to add appeal and luxury, such as a smart thermostat and smart speakers.

Price competitively

Your real estate agent will help you price your home strategically. They will use comps to compare your home to others that sold recently in your community, market research, and experience to find a listing price. Additionally, your agent will use the Multiple Listing Service to aid in pricing.

Spruce up & stage your home

According to the 2018 Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report, 79 percent of buyers claimed that taking a private tour of a home was very important to their home buying decision. To attract buyers, you’ll need to declutter, deep clean, and decorate your home in a way that is welcoming and luxurious without being over-the-top. According to this National Association of Realtors report, staging can significantly reduce your home’s time on the market. Here are the steps needed to appeal to buyers during showings.
  • Decluttering your home is a must. This makes your home look larger and more appealing to prospective buyers. Pack and store anything you don’t use daily in your new home.

  • Deep cleaning is necessary when staging a home. Buyers expect to walk into a pristine home when taking a private tour. Hire a professional cleaning company to ensure no detail is missed.

  • De-personalizing the space is the only way for buyers to imagine their family photos and heirlooms adorning the property. Remove your family photos from walls, trinkets, and other personal belongings from the main areas.

  • Minor repairs will need to be made, especially if you’ve lived in your Chelsea condo for many years. Wear and tear are expected, ranging from chipped paint to holes in walls from paintings and family portraits. Some minor and affordable fixes to make your home more attractive include caulking, spackling, and paint touch-ups.

  • Focus on essential rooms where people spend most of their time. Spending your time and money decorating the top three important rooms ensures no resources are wasted. Spend your efforts cleaning and furnishing the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen.

  • Decorate to captivate potential buyers. Since you will be directing resources towards the three most important rooms, you’ll need to furnish them beautifully to lure buyers into making an offer. Use neutrally-colored furniture, a few artworks, and strategically placed accents to make your home feel cozy but not overcrowded. You want to give it life without it being evident that you live there, giving way for buyers to envision their lives unfolding on the property.

Marketing flawlessly

Today’s home buyers typically start their home search online, scrolling through countless listings and relying on beautiful images to peak their interest. Working with a technology-savvy real estate agent will ensure your Chelsea real estate gets optimal exposure in various markets, resulting in an optimal home sale. The key to selling your property is presenting beautiful photographs showcasing your home’s best features. Hire a professional photographer to capture your home’s best attributes. Video tours, professional photos, and a thorough description of your property’s enticing features will undoubtedly aid your home sale.
Once professional photos and videos are shot, and a captivating listing is created, Caryl will post your listing to her website, additional real estate sites, and the MLS. She’ll create online campaigns to get your home seen by a large pool of buyers.

Sell with Caryl

If you need additional assistance selling your Chelsea real estate, contact the Caryl Berenato Team today. From pricing to marketing, updating to photographing, Caryl and her esteemed NYC real estate group will help you each step of the way.

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