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Welcome to the epitome of luxury living in the heart of the vibrant West Village. Explore a curated selection of exquisite condos for sale, expertly presented by the renowned real estate agent, Caryl Berenato. Immerse yourself in the charm of this sought-after neighborhood while experiencing unparalleled comfort and elegance within these exceptional condominiums.

Condos for Sale in West Village

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Exploring West Village Condos' Luxurious Lifestyle

Located in the bustling West Village district, our condos feature state-of-the-art architecture that skillfully combines classic elegance with contemporary style. Each West Village condo for sale features a distinctive combination of form and practicality, designed by famous architects.


Interior Excellence

Enter an opulent realm and peruse finely designed interior spaces. Luxury living is redefined with premium finishes, custom fixtures, and roomy layouts. Elegance permeates every aspect of this space, from the glossy hardwood floors to the floor to ceiling windows.



West Village Way of Life

Discover the charm of West Village living, where comfort and culture collide. Our condos offer tenants unmatched access to hip stores, fine cuisine, and historical sites, guaranteeing an enriching lifestyle.



Investment Possibilities

Invest with assurance because West Village's condos for sale values are steadily rising. Our condos provide a wise choice for long-term financial gain along with luxurious living.



West Village condos might enhance your way of life and create a noticeable impression. Our outstanding apartments, ideal location, and first-rate facilities raise the bar for urban life. Take advantage of convenience, luxury, and financial opportunity all in one gorgeous package. Today, reserve your spot in the West Village of tomorrow.

FAQs on West Village Condos for Sale

Condos in West Village come with a ton of features, such as landscaped gardens, exercise facilities, swimming pools, and concierge services. With easy access to these amenities, residents can live opulent lifestyles.

Yes, a lot of condos in West Village allow owners to bring their animal friends. Reviewing each condo association's unique pet policies is crucial, though.

As of March 2024, West Village's median house sale price was $1.9M, a 26.7% decrease from the previous year. 52 assets in all were sold, which is a 136.4% increase over March of the previous year. With a 52.5% YoY change, the median price per square foot was $3,121. Manhattan's median price for a home sold in March was $998,000.

West Village is a vibrant neighborhood that is still undergoing development. Although individual plans could differ, condo buildings frequently get modifications or renovations to keep their appeal and value.

Excellent transit alternatives are available in West Village, including bus routes, bike lanes, car-sharing programs, and local subway stations. The city is easy to navigate for its residents, and walking is a popular option for short distances due to its pedestrian-friendly streets.

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